I am a integrated marketing communications major at Virginia commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. I have written for various publications in the last year, like HerCampus, Elevated Elite, and Simply Autumn.

My Interest are in planning and project management. I’ve been on the creative side of things for many of the projects that I had the opportunity to be apart of. Like working with VCU’s Create-a-thon Program Spring 2019, working as the strategic planner. I'm increasing my writing skills by publishing lifestyle and beauty content. Later, working as a Social Media Manager, I put my skills to work in data analytics and strategy. Assisting with brand promotions. 



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“Her Campus” -Vcu Chapter (Informational Writing)

History of the North Atlantic Trade Organization

The North Atlantic Trade Organization is a treaty that is formally known as NATO. NATO was put into place by President Harry Truman in 1949, members consist of North America and Europe. This was to defend each other against any threat of communism that could possibly take over their nation. The provision has been invoked once, in the attack of 9/11. 

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“Day by Day Va” - Content Research & Creation for Library of Virginia

Researched and produced 365 days worth of content for Virginia’s Children’s Literary. The actual work has yet to be published but see link for example work:

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Enterprise Holdings Internship - Employee Retention Research Project

Employee Surveys from current employees & past

Competitors statistics versus Enterprise’s

The creation of visuals to show management of what’s working and what isn’t.