I am a integrated marketing Communications major at Virginia commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. I have written for various publications in the last year, like Elevated Elite and Simply Autumn.

My interests are media and content creations. I like to be on the creative side of things, but also strategic. I'm used to writing for lifestyle and beauty publications. I worked as a Social Media Manager where I put my skills to work in data analytics and strategy. I assisted with brand promotions. 

Currently, my passion projects are self-teaching myself coding (Proficient in HTML). I've designed and written an article for my own fashion and beauty blog.



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“Inspired Youth”

Inspire Youth @ Work is an organization that gives teens & young adults the resources to obtain a job. Inspire Youth @ Work hosted a summer opportunities fair for the ages 14- 24. At the fair there were more than 25 employers that came face-to-face with these students offering summer jobs or even volunteer positions.

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“Circuit Arcade”

Do you miss the arcade games from the 90’s? Well if you do, you’re in luck with Circuit Arcade located in Scott’s Addition has you covered from all the 90’s games to endless craft beer. The 90’s theme party was advertised on the Circuit Arcade Facebook page.

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“Bounce Back with Aussie”

Okay.. Aussie sent me a huge box of their curly hair collection and I was pretty surprised. Most of their products were pretty good and fairly cheap (all under $10). Highlighting the products that completely surprised me, however, you should still check out what Aussie has to offer.