The Importance of Skin Barriers

The Importance of Skin Barriers

The Importance of Skin Barriers

 What are skin barriers?
Skin barriers are the outermost layer of people’s skin. Your skin barrier defends your body against any threats in your environment, preventing harmful toxins or poisons from entering your body. It’s actually a two-way barrier, as it also stops the water within your body from leaking out and leaving you dehydrated. In short, skin barriers keep you alive.
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How are skin barriers structured?

As the biological barriers of the skin, skin barriers - or strata corneum - can be seen as solid walls made of the world’s most rigid bricks. Each of these ‘bricks’ contains keratin and natural moisturizers. In addition, around each ‘brick’ in the ‘wall’ are lipids, including fatty acids, ceramides, and cholesterol; this is like the mortar joining all the bricks together.

How can skin barriers be damaged?

Many things can potentially damage your skin barrier, most of which are from outside of your body, although there are a couple from inside. The main threats are:

  • over-exposure to the sun;
  • allergens, pollutants, or irritants;
  • psychological distress;
  • steroids;
  • eczema;
  • genetic factors, such as psoriasis;
  • harsh chemicals;
  • detergents or soaps that are alkaline; and
  • being in an environment that is either too dry or too humid.

As you can see, skin barriers face a constant battle against almost everything around them! Therefore, it’s imperative to look after your skin barrier and repair it quickly if it becomes damaged.
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How can skin barriers be repaired?

Firstly, you should consider the pH of the products that you are using on your skin. The delicate acid mantle within your skin barrier stays around pH 5.2, but cleansing and toning products may vary from as low as pH 3.7 to as high as pH 8.2. It is recommended to use products that are close to your natural pH.

As well as that, you should try to keep to a simple skincare routine, one which doesn’t involve several different products all being applied to your skin barrier one after another. Furthermore, some products are ideal for specific types of damage to the skin barrier. For example, Barriere Silicone Skin Cream for eczema is particularly good when facing that condition.

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