Facial Oils vs. Facial Moisturizers

Facial Oils vs. Facial Moisturizers

Facial Oils vs. Facial Moisturizers

Is your skin too dry? Do you get overwhelmed by the options of facial oils and facial moisturizers? This article will outline the key benefits and drawbacks of both of these options to help you make an informed decision.

Are they both repellents?

Facial oils help to seal in moisture and provide valuable nutrients to your skin. Facial moisturizers are similar, but they combine oil and water, which some people find more soothing. Both product ranges can help in repelling harmful toxins and bacteria from getting into your skin. Additionally, some can have insect repellent built-in too.

Face cream or face lotion?

With so many different terms out there, it’s easy to become confused. The face cream is similar to facial oils in the same way that face lotion is similar to facial moisturizers. That is, face lotion has a higher water content than face cream.

Both can be used as part of your regular skincare routine. However, the best time is right after you’ve washed your face, as these products can help lock in moisture. Alternatively, all-day hydration products are available. Using cleansing products first will mean that your skin is clear of dirt before applying your oil or moisturizer.

What are the benefits?

Both facial oils and facial moisturizers can help greatly in the battle against dry skin. But they do have slightly different benefits. The main advantages of facial oils are:

  • Better at sealing in moisture
  • Create a barrier on your skin

On the other hand, the main benefits of facial moisturizers include:

  • Penetrate skin, so deliver ingredients to deeper layers
  • Draw water in

Can you use too much?

In short, yes. If you use too much facial oil, your skin may become dependent on it and either over-or under-produce its own natural oils. This can lead to excessive dryness or oily skin. As for facial moisturizer, if that’s overused, people commonly experience pimples or breakouts.

In summary

While facial oils and facial moisturizers are similar, the key difference is in how they hydrate your skin. Oils help lock moisture in, whereas moisturizers have a higher water content, penetrate deeper into your skin, and draw more water in. Both are important in protecting your skin from dryness, although overapplication can lead to further issues.

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