How I got out of paying full price for any of my Textbooks

Everyone knows that textbook prices are crazy and the Book Store is just a scam. Clearly, the authors of these textbooks know that week need to have the book and there isn't a price ceiling to them, so I see why they charge students an arm and a leg for on the book. Most of the time the professor will swear by the syllabus and preach the importance of needed the book when in all reality, we'll probably open the book at least once all semester.

Wrong Edition?

This semester, I had a plan. Figure out what edition the professor is currently using and for how long. I say this because if they're using addition 15 but was on edition 14 last semester, what could have possibly have changed in 16 weeks. For example, I'm taking microeconomics this semester and we're using the 21 edition, but it's $150... I'm not saying that. So I rented the 20th edition for $20. But catch this the first day of the lecture the professor could even find his new textbook and actually lectured out the $20 textbook. (btw for those who are wondering why not rent the correct version, it was $120 to rent on Amazon)

Social Media

Us millennial breathe social Media. Whether your taste is Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, or even Twitter, you have your platform. Search Hashtags and reach out to people that may have had the course that you're currently taking. I know Facebook has a marketplace for people who are looking to make a quick buck. I know I've sold and purchased a lot of items from the site. I think it's a lot easier since you can type the name of the book you're looking for and if you're lucky you may find it and be able to negotiate their asking price.


Amazon is my go to. I don't even think about checking the bookstore majority of the time. Especially, since they offer the student prime account that's now $5 a month. The price of renting a book from Amazon is probably an 80% difference, nahhhI'm probably overreacting but it's a big difference. When looking on Amazon, I would also advise you to look through the used book page also because you may find out that its a bit cheaper to purchase used. I have a Public Speaking this semester, the book cost over $100 and $40 to rent on Amazon. However, I saw that someone was selling it for about $6, in Chesterfield. Apparently, the book is a school made textbook and Amazon wasn't giving the guy much of a profit from it so It was listed for $6 and on prime. So I saved a crazy amount of money this semester.

 If you have any helpful tips on getting our textbook please list them below. If you found this post helpful, please share, Thank you!

2018 Reading List

These are the books I choose to read over the next couple months, so far I have read "The Wait". The book was not only surrounded around saving yourself for marriage, but the time that you will have created for yourself, when you're not involved yourself in drama or becoming emotionally attached to someone who probably won't become your spouse. It did not say that you had to stay away from dating, it actually encouraged it. However, telling the person your dating that you want to wait to have sex until marriage. Take a look at their reaction, thats how you will know if that's the person that wants you for you. That is what I got out of the book. Meagon and Devon did go into depth about how difficult it was to stay celibate before marriage. But they did it.












Five Minute Breakfast Ideas


Get your Protein


I don't work out as much as I need to, so I only make protein shakes as a meal replacement. I didn't add too many things to this shake for it to come out great. Which is a great alternative if you don't have much time in the morning. In the shack there is; Blackberries, Banana, One scoop of Herbalife, Spinach, and Milk. It curved my appetite until about 12pm and I work at 9am. 


Add Some Egg

 Grab your bread, get a cup or anything that can make a perfect circle and cut a hole right in the middle of your bread place it on the stove to let it toast up a little. Add an egg and place it in the center.  I've chosen Red Peppers and Presley to add a little flavor. I like my eggs sunny side up, but if you don't I would toast both sides. 


This is the easiest and fastest "meal" to eat before starting your day. Just plop two pieces of bread in the toaster and start getting ready by the time you're finished in the bathroom its time to spread your jelly, I like apple butter better than Jelly. If you're into organic products, stop by Aldi to try out this Apple Butter. I believe it was about $3, at the most.  

Do you want to save $1000 while working part-time

I have created a twelve-month money challenge sheet to help you save at least a $1,000 a year. If you work part-time like me, you probably get paid every two weeks. If you split that monthly savings amount down the middle, then take that half out of each check and put it in a savings account, you're guaranteed to have saved at least a thousand put away. Think of it as your rainy day fund.
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Trials and Errors of having Natural Hair

 I’ve been natural for since 10th grade, honestly, I didn’t even know what “going natural” meant. I know now that it’s time consuming, annoying, and expensive. However, it has been one of my better decisions. I have made so many mistakes with my hair. At one point I was washing it like every day. Just to see my curls. I didn’t know how to do the wash n go with the eco just yet. So, of course, I dried my hair out and my ends were awful.  The time and patience it takes to do a style the night before and praying that it dries before you have to leave out the door, that’s when it gets real. All in all being natural has taught me to love the hair that grows out of my head. Because not everyone is going to love your hair like you love your hair. It teaches you patience because going natural and being natural is a commitment. Yours committing to somewhat pricey hair products not to mention trying new products. 

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The Beauty of Waking up Early

I know I’ve briefly mentioned the benefits of getting up early in one of my other blog posts, but I wanted to make a post that’s just dedicated to getting your day started early. Especially before the New Years.


Morning or Night

  Knowing when your most productive is key to choosing your wake up time. I say that because the time that I am most productive is in the morning 9am-12pm. So I wake up around 5:30/6am. After that I’m pretty much doing everything I can not to do the work.


Choose a Practical Time

This is important because you don’t want to train your body getting up and unrealistic timeframe and then going to bed very late, you’re going to be worn out so knowing when your most productive will help you choose this time frame.


The Night Before

Do you remember in middle/high school during the first week of school, we’d have all our clothes picked out for the first week. You know to look nice as possible, but after two weeks we stop doing that. Get back into the habit of getting everything together that night. It will save at least 15 minutes of your morning time routine.I have a small tip for sleeping soundly at night. Invest in an alarm clock and use that in the morning instead of your cell phone this will prevent you from scrolling down Instagram for another hour.


The Morning

After you’ve gotten yourself ready, create a success list. These are your short term goals today. You don’t have to add every little assignment on it. Just make yourself aware that you have a plan for today.

Ex.  Get Gas

        Go to the library

        Contact Advisor

        Make dinner



Comment below some of your tip that you use to get up early.

Must Have Apps (IPhone Edition)

The apps that are most used are of course Instagram (I have to catch up on my gossip), then we have Snapchat and Pinterest. I have a few apps on my phone that assist me with work and school task.


Google drive: I love Google Drive because I can work on a project or a paper on any desktop and pick up where I left off on my phone. I also use it for storage. I don’t know if I’m the only one that has the message saying storage is full with the suggestion to purchase month to month storage, I don’t have time for that.

Google Photos: This app gives me so much life. The Google application automatically stores the phones you take and have taken before the app was downloaded. And get this ?!? It has unlimited storage. Need I say more.

Waze: The GPS that’s automatically downloaded on the iPhone is okay, but Waze allows you to know what’s ahead of you at all times. Sometimes my commute is at 6 am and it’s still pretty dark outside and Waze will show an alert if there is a broke down vehicle on the side of the road or if I’m running late and I’m going over the speed limit just a tad bit, it alerts me if a police are around during that time. Waze is the way to go.

Linkedin: This is a great app to get connected with people in your city or your profession. LinkedIn is a networking app, it allows you to add all the people you know and the people you don’t you can try to add them to have professional conversations regarding a specific job outlook. The site also allows you to upload your resume and apply for jobs right from the app.

MathPapa: if you're still in school and taking any type of math class you need this app. All you do is type in the problem and it gives you the answer along with the way it’s solved. I have used “Mathway” for a long time, but it doesn’t show how to get to the answer without paying for a subscription.

IScanner: This app allows you to take a photo of any document and it will upload as if you scanned it through an actual scanner this comes in handy when you need to sign and send a form right away. This app has saved me tons of money.

Last but not Least

The Cash App: whoever came up with this app is a real genius. The Cash App allows you to send and receive money on the same day. It is totally secure, now you don’t have to worry about western union or going to drop the money off at someone’s bank. I have direct deposit, with that the money will be in my account by the next morning.

Let me know in the comment section what’s your favorite apps to use. 




Tips for a Productive Week

A GYST Day can be any day but I typically start mine on a Sunday just to recap on the prior week and the week that is ahead. If you aren't familiar with the term GYST, it is short for Get your shit together. Starting it on Sunday give me time to figure out what the most important task that I need to tackle, or if I need a break from the crazy schedule. 


Wake up Earlier

 Everyone is not a morning person, I know I wasn't at first. Waking up a little earlier gives you a head start on the day. Okay,  I attempt to get up around 5 am but don't make it out the sheets until 6 am that's still really early for some people.


I am really big on list. If I don't write it down I'd probably forget most of my scheduled plans, that's a problem. After making your list cross of the unnessary plans that may take up to much time.

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Clean Makeup Brushs

I wear makeup probably five times out the week reusing the same brushes. All that build up will cause your face to break out its like when you fall asleep with your make-up on.

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 4.29.55 PM.png


I always say "yeah, I'm going to go to the gym" in my head, but then I'll spend an hour on social media. Actually going to the gym is pretty hard for me. I have to remind myself why I wanted to go to the gym in the first place and that usually gets me up and going. After a workout, I feel energized and never regret going.


Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 4.28.56 PM.png

Clear Emails

If you're like me, you probably check your email about 50 times a day. I know I'm not expecting anyone but I check frequently. So clearing out my email relieves a lot of stress for me because it makes me feel less cluttered and it gives me a reason not to continually check.

Shopping on a Budget

I think we all get in that mood where we absolutely need something.. or maybe it's just me. Anyway if you like to have mini shopping sprees like me then keep on reading. Also, I will list all links below.

1) Asos  I didn't hear about Asos until I got to college and that is because I Google "who give student discounts". I would highly recommend them, they have great pieces and always have a sale on top of the 15% student discount. If you aren't a student the prices still aren't that bad.



2) H&M

Even though H&M doesn't have a cool student discount like ASOS, they still carry some pretty cool pieces. I have never been in a small H&M, always upstairs and downstairs. I would say HM has that business casual and then that nightlife apparel. My advice is, use H&M like a just got a new job or have a semi-formal Gala coming up soon type of shopping trip.



3) Thrifting

Thrifting is one of the cheapest alternatives to the two I mentioned above. The possibilities are endless in what you can find thrifting. I remember a resident at my job found a Coach purse at our local thrift store and it didn't look half bad actually. I would say if you are looking for denim without breaking the bank stop by a thrift store, I bet you'd be able to find something that'll catch your eye.




How to Cope when your Workplace Environment Sucks

1) Be Better:

You may already be doing the best, but if you are still catching shit, try to arrive earlier and stay a little later. I know it doesn't sound desirable, I know you want to get the heck up out of there soon as six o'clock comes around. Going the extra mile by staying late or arriving early shows that you are unbothered by the daily antics of those around you. Make sure you double check everything you're doing, so that your employer cannot complain about half-tail work or mistakes. No one is perfect and mistakes will occur, but when they do come ask those around you the proper way to do such activity. It shows that you've acknowledged your mistake and you are trying to perfect it. 

2) Change your Mindset

I know easier said than done, but if you stay level-headed your employer won't have a reason to question your character. Yes, he/she may still fuss at you, but just take with a grain of salt. If your employer is always mean or nasty to you just think of them as a hater. Even though, you may never figure out why the smallest question or the simplest questions get you chewed out but thinking of them as a hater is just easy. Honestly, they could be having a bad day or maybe they just aren't as personable as you. Justifying why someone else has a bad attitude isn't what you were hired for so don't worry too much about it. 

3) Ignore it

It can be difficult to take your mind off something that you walk into Monday-Friday. Don't let it get under your skin because then you have given someone else power over your emotions. Giving in to the negative energy will cause you a headache that was not in the job description when you applied. One of the biggest reasons to ignore it is the " Leverage". At the end of the day, you can get let go as easily as you were hired. What really sucks is that your employer could say you weren't the best candidate because of your attitude, but really it was them the entire time, so don't do that. Try as hard to keep that smile and if you need to go to the bathroom to take a couple deep breaths and hop on the indeed app to scope out other jobs than do so. Just keep your cool.



Okay, so those were a couple tips that I have come with to get me through some hard days in the workplace, what are yours? But, seriously do not work somewhere where it is mentally draining you, especially if it isn't coming from the things listed in your job description. 



Choosing the Perfect Apartment

I’ve recently moved to Manchester, south of Richmond and started working for a leasing company. I wanted to go over the tips and mistakes I made when I was on the hunt for a new apartment.


The Finishes

              Don’t be impressed by all the nice finishes. Just because the finishes look nice doesn’t mean the apartment is nice. Take a deeper look, knock on the walls to see if they are hallowed. If there is an electric glass stove, ask if they scratch easily, if they do, you will be paying for it upon move-out.



           In our latest customer service training, we went over how it takes twelve good experiences to fix one bad one. Make sure the apartment community offers on-site maintenance and they’re leasing office is at the location or accessible.



           This is one of my mistakes I didn’t do any research about the area, only that all utilities were included in the rent. Check out the neighborhood beforehand. Schedule different times of the day to visit the area. When I was looking into the place I’m in now I would go pretty much the same time while my application was being finalized. Mostly everyone was at work so I couldn’t really see what I was working with. Also do research online: high traffic, crime or even sex offenders it should allow you to put in entire address but not an apartment number. Just take proper safety measure since you will reside there for twelve months.


Those are my tips that I learned at work and through my own moving experience. What’s yours? Comment below.


Five Concepts You Should Never Forget

1) Putting yourself first

Putting yourself first doesn't mean you have to be self-centered. It means knowing when to say "no" If you don't want to be involved in something, going out or anything of that nature it is okay to say no because your time is vital. why spend it doing something you don't want to be doing. 

2) Goal Oriented 

First make a goal list, whether it is a short or long term. Have an objective to work towards. Then make smaller implications of how you are going to achieve that goal. Investing in a planner to keep all important dates and to write down your daily to-do list will help with organization. Stay focus, remember the purpose of your hard work.

3) Sleep

Getting a good nights rest and or figuring a quick nap in your daily schedule can be vital to your productivity. In my experience, I work 30 hours a week and go to school full time. With my earliest class starting at 6:30 am  I dont have the time to nap during the day so I have to go to bed earlier than I use too. Not too early but just enough to get 7 hours of sleep. The more sleep you get, the more your body will thank you.

4) Being less open

Everyone should not know every single detail about your life. Now that social media is everywhere and the urge to post is strong it's hard not to post that you went to Starbucks three times this past week or that the person you're dating is getting on your nerves. People don't really care about all that stuff. Most of the time. Keeping something to yourself will allow you to realize your strengths and weaknesses without the whole social media platform watching.