Birthday Tag

Finally 21 and legally able to do everything I've been doing since 16.                                                -Someecard

On February 15th I turned 21. This was probably one of my favorite birthdays so far. I didn't get wasted or do what most people do on their 21st. It was just a good day.  

It was a Thursday and I had class. I wasn’t going to miss those since I got out at 2 pm. I had my usual to-do list, which consisted of shipping things I sold online, and getting ready for the rest of my day. We haven’t gone grocery shopping in a few days and we were out of coffee.. Listen to me, I was barely surviving. Luckily Brewers cafè sent me a promo for a free Latte for my birthday. So I stopped there after shipping my packages off. It was an awesome start to my day. Not only was I able to run errands, I was able to get free coffee and sparked a great convo with the barista. 

Class was great. I didn't walk around yelling “It’s my birthday”. A couple people knew and I was cool with it. It’s not like younger days when I wanted everyone to know what today is. I was able to get out of my last class early since the projector stopped working. That was probably my highlight of the day.  

I wasn’t looking to 'do it big' and get messed up; it's not like I haven’t been a little drunk before. All I wanted was for someone to ask to see my I.D and to “legally” drink in public. 

Which I achieved! My boyfriend and I went to the Graduate Hotel in Richmond for their rooftop happy hour. Let me tell you... I had the best time! It was 73 degrees outside and I was able to show my ankles and not freeze haha. But the view was amazing along with the steak tacos. 

Let’s fast forward to my surprise(Saturday). Jimmy (my boyfriend) decided to invite my friends from Longwood. Sadly, I semi ruined the surprise since Jimmy's phone kept vibrating while keeping it faced down. So you know what I did... I went into full-blown “who’s texting you mode” & “why can’t I see you’re the phone”. You know all that insecure stuff. But all in all, it worked out my friend Taylor drove a whole hour and some change to catch a movie with me that she’s already seen the day before. That’s a friend right there. Btw... Black Panther was AWESOME!!! 

My 21st was a success and I loved every moment of it.