Become a Healthier You

How healthy do you think you are, rate yourself 1-10. Can you be healthier? We all know diet & exercise is the key element of being healthy. We know we have to drink 8 glasses of water a day and don’t forget about our 8 hours of sleep either. But what else can improve our lifestyle overall?

What’s on your mind?

Sometimes my mind is thinking about a billion things at once, I know I’m not the only one. when I have a lot on my mind or just in my agenda book. Thinking about all the boxes that I need to check off for the week gets overwhelming. The task isn’t hard, but knowing that they need to get done is when it becomes a little overwhelming. Maybe I’m a procrastinator or just lazy. However, I do know when I have a lot on my plate, I am NOT my best self or 100%

  • Take it easy
  • Say “No” to some things
  • Clear your calendar
  • Or even do the task in small increments
  • Know Your Circle 

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Know Your Circle

For the most part, I have a few friends that I call on when I’m going through a situation or what I like to call “a mini-crisis” I literally have a friend for each crisis, relationship advice, school, and finances. You may be thinking, girl all your business is in the streets but no not really. I don’t have anything crazy going on that I’d be ashamed if someone found out. Also, you shouldn't tell your business to anyone that you aren’t 100% trust in them. Keep in mind that we all need someone to talk to. Don’t have a negative or unsure feeling bottled up inside. If you have trust issues get a journal.


Know who you are sharing personal experiences with. Be 100% that this is a real friend and that they won’t put your mess in the streets after you guys get in a fight. Also, choose that friend that isn’t going to agree with you. We need to have  straight up friends and not “yes” men or women.

Are you Tired?

Most of us who are in school, spring break was a couple weeks ago. And we are just pushing to see May, while May isn’t quite here yet, maybe you could make downtime for yourself and rest. I don’t mean sleep, sleep and rest have two different meanings. You can go to sleep tonight and still feel tired(not well rested). Plan out some time to pamper yourself and relax alone.

  • Spa Day (Groupon) as low as $30 for a full massage, you can also find Mani/Pedi Groupon too!
  • Binge watch Hulu/Netflix (I’m in love with “This Is Us” currently)
  • Read  (put your phone on airplane mode, it will help)
  • Pray (If praying is your thing, ask God for peace)

It can be hard to get everything done on your to-do list when you aren’t yourself. when I start to feel overwhelmed, I try to figure out why I’m overwhelmed or anxious. Like I want to know now, even when I find out why I’m feeling this way I don’t change. In order to become a healthier person overall, you have to “Makeover your mind before you can makeover yourself.” (The Life Church RVA)