Night at the Graduate

When I get up in the mornings I tend to jump on Instagram. Jimmy doesn't really think it's healthy, he says my brain is going to turn into mush. He was pretty happy I hopped on IG Tuesday morning because I entered us into a giveaway for a free dinner & wine tasting at The Graduate. And guess what?! We won! you might've figured that from the title but, hey I had to give you guys a storyline.

The Hour Before

I came home from work, hair still in the flat twist and started a convo with Jimmy. Mind you I did not take my twist down or have my makeup on. Long story short, when I looked at the time I had 45 mins to get ready. That may seem like a lot of time for some, but for me... its a struggle. I set a timer to leave at 5:45 pm, we had to be there by 6 pm. Funny thing about that, I was still putting my clothes on at 6:50. I did my makeup in the car and still had two twists to take down. You can imagine how stressed I looked. 

The Arrival 

We took our seats with this older couple. I immediately thought "what could we possibly talk about". However,  they were awesome! The husband had all the dad jokes, he made me feel comfortable when I didn't know which utensil to use with each dish. Or when the lady introduced each wine, he said just smile and nod. I think I'm a pro at that. They asked us about what we did and school. The wife what our dream careers would be if we had the choice. It made me wonder what exactly did I want to do, I'll save that topic for another time, though. 


The night's theme was: Battle of the Brothers Wine Dinner. The objective for us was to choose which wine, each made by a different brother (Benziger & Imagery), was better. I thought that I was more of a red wine person, but then again, I didn't know much about wines at all. I know my goal was to buy the cheapest one possible, btw Aldi has pretty tasty bottles for $3. I need to vote for my favorite it turned out to be Imagery Chardonnay. I wasn't as sweet as I usually prefer, but it was so good. I considered purchasing a bottle, but of course, it wasn't for sale yet. 

This was a great experience that I was able to have, I dont think this will be my last time visiting The Graduate. I also want to thank @unlockingrva for picking us for the giveaway.