Would you Travel Alone?

Late last week I received an email from HubSpot, a website that teaches people about marketing and how to use their tools to brand yourself. They were having a summit in Washington and I thought to myself, it would be a spontaneous adventure to travel to Washington for the day.


Tuesdays are the days that I go to class, but missing one day won’t hurt. I was excused from 2 out of 3 of my classes. I bought my round-trip tickets from Greyhound $44. Which isn’t bad to me, especially since I’m staying for one day.


My alarm went off at 5:45 am Tuesday morning, I started to get ready for the trip. I packed my purse with all the essentials, (laptop, planner, headphones, and chargers). I actually did a poll on instagram to see which purse my followers would recommend me to buy and I went with this one. It perfectly held all of my things in and didn’t look bulky at all.

With twenty minutes to get to the bus station, there was an accident on the exit I had to take. I had to say a quick prayer because I was so excited to go to D.C and would’ve been so hurt if I missed my opportunity to go.

I made it in time. 

IMG_6593 3.JPG

I arrived in DC 40 minutes early! Had time to explore a bit before I called my uber.  So I stopped by Einstein Bagels. Grabbing a latte and cinnamon bagel, I didn’t see Starbucks until it was time to head back.

When I called my uber I did uber pool instead which I’ve never done before it was $3 so why not, I had time. 


I got to the summit and they had coffee. So I was kind of upset that I spent $7 on breakfast. Nevertheless, The summit went well, I had the opportunity to connect with big companies and some small, sole proprietorships. One thing everyone had in common was uncertainty about their current marketing strategies. That's the only reason why I went, besides the free food and a day trip to D.C.

IMG_6641 2.JPG

Ending the day with a trip to the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery and a stop at Ceviche Mexican restaurant. I barely made it back to my bus on time, dealing with that Uber pool... But I made it to my bus in time and back to Richmond safely.

I have put together a video of how parts of my day went. Hope you enjoy!