Bounce Back with Aussie

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What I love 

Okay.. Aussie sent me a huge box of their curly hair collection and I was pretty surprised. Most of their products were pretty good and fairly cheap (all under $10). Highlighting the products that completely surprised me, however, you should still check out what Aussie has to offer.

IMG_2161 2.jpg

 Leave-In Detangling Milk: If you want a great Wash-in-Go, try their leave in. This was actually one of the first things I ran out of first. Sidenote... I dont believe in the whole dime-sized amount, haha. The bottle is a pretty decent size and it smells great.   

 3 Minute Deep Conditioner: Usually, when I use a product that is meant for deep conditioning, I'm used to detangling my hair up and throwing a shower cap on for about 30 mins. Am I the only one? So, I was a little skeptical of this 3-minute process. TBH it does work in the 3 minutes. The deep conditioner has an amazing slip and leaves my hair soft and shiny. I am guilty of leaving it in for longer than 3 minutes even though, I know it works. 


IMG_2183 2.jpg

For the most part, all shampoos and conditions work pretty much the same in my hair Aussie's still left my curls in the best shape/ form. However, it was only one product that I could not get down with (in my 2000's voice).

Curl Pudding: I will say ALL hair is different. Something that may work for me, might not be the best for you. My experience with the curl Pudding left my hair crunchy. Plus I wasn't Crazy for the scent.

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