Choosing the Perfect Apartment

I’ve recently moved to Manchester, south of Richmond and started working for a leasing company. I wanted to go over the tips and mistakes I made when I was on the hunt for a new apartment.


The Finishes

              Don’t be impressed by all the nice finishes. Just because the finishes look nice doesn’t mean the apartment is nice. Take a deeper look, knock on the walls to see if they are hallowed. If there is an electric glass stove, ask if they scratch easily, if they do, you will be paying for it upon move-out.



           In our latest customer service training, we went over how it takes twelve good experiences to fix one bad one. Make sure the apartment community offers on-site maintenance and they’re leasing office is at the location or accessible.



           This is one of my mistakes I didn’t do any research about the area, only that all utilities were included in the rent. Check out the neighborhood beforehand. Schedule different times of the day to visit the area. When I was looking into the place I’m in now I would go pretty much the same time while my application was being finalized. Mostly everyone was at work so I couldn’t really see what I was working with. Also do research online: high traffic, crime or even sex offenders it should allow you to put in entire address but not an apartment number. Just take proper safety measure since you will reside there for twelve months.


Those are my tips that I learned at work and through my own moving experience. What’s yours? Comment below.