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When you don’t know what’s coming next, how do you feel? Do you fear uncertainty? Are you filled with anxiety? Or do you have tougher skin than I do and wait whatever it is out?

Lately, I have been feeling anxious about where things are going for me. What's humorous is that I wrote a post recently about what exciting experiences awaits me in 2019, “It’s Not Too Late to Plan”. With that being said, being anxious isn’t always a negative.

When I start having these fuzzy feeling inside, I take a moment to check in with myself. What I figured out is I’m stressing the uncertainty of school, finances, and relationships. You probably read that and thought, “ join the club !” or “who isn't ?”

One thing, that I’m really happy about is that I stuck with reading books more often. Right now, Im into Seth Godin “Tribes”. Something that stuck out to me was “The Peter Principle”. The Google definition is “the principle that members of a hierarchy are promoted until they reach the level at which they are no longer competent.” Basically, sometimes we strive high for things that we can see, but what about the stuff that is unseen/uncertain our determination starts to diminish. We become self conscience, I become self conscience.


I’m majoring in marketing at VCU in Richmond, pretty involved on campus. I have friends, lol. What could possibly be wrong? I live off campus, it’s difficult for me to get back into the groove of school. This is a mindset problem. I caught it early this semester, though you know that feeling at the end of the semester and you’re wishing you’d wish you decided to study earlier. Yeah, thats me almost every semester. Since, “I caught it earlier”, I’ve been staying on campus longer then going straight home. The uncertainty of my actual knowledge of the material is a big deal since, I’m investing a good amount of time, energy, and you know money!


IMG_7449 2.jpg

Did I mention that I’m in school? Full-time too? Working and school, I have always done, but living on my own makes thing even more complicated. (Side-note) This isn’t me complaining, I am truly blessed to be where I am in life and have the things that I own. However, things get tight when your part-time is only offering you less than 10 hours a week. Oh yeah, did I mention I have a pup. This is Chip !

What keeps me going is the experiences/opportunities that my university allows me to have that prepares me for my future. A few things that I have evaluated is that, in the near future I will be getting a roommate and decreasing the use of my vehicle (gas isn’t cheap), meal prepping has saved me so much this semester!



You know that timeline that you have in your head, the one that says I’ll graduate this year, I’ll start my career here this date, and I’ll be married with x amount of kids by this year… Yeah that one, I have started dating again and it has been definitely an interesting but fun experience, so far. I am so grateful for the friends that I have made through college. They are truly my biggest support team. Everyone needs a friend that will allow them to feel their feelings, especially, after a break up. I’m have working on breaking out of my own fantasies of my future and focusing on my reality. Learning to live in the moment is important.

I found this video on Youtube about rejection, those three parts that I mentioned above School, Finances, and Relationships has given me the feeling of rejection. After writing all of this, I have realized what I’m feeling is fear. From “Tribes” by Seth Godin, he wrote “when you do a great job, you get promoted. And that process repeats itself until finally you end up in a job you can’t handle.”

“Every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something better.”

Steve Maraboli,Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

It's Not Too Late to Plan

Is it too late to write about my New Year’s resolution? I’m still not adjusted to the New Year like where did 2018 go anyway? In January, I did a self assessment of myself and where I want to be coming into the new year. So no, I don’t have your basic resolutions like gym eat healthy. well I lied, I want to do better with my fitness goals or what I’m actually eating but, that isn’t my main goal for 2019.

A friend and I hosted a vision board party before the new years, I made a statement on how I wanted to be more intentional with things I do. Whether that’s making a set schedule for the gym or meal prepping, instead of eating out.

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a poster-board with magazine cut outs with quotes and images that you want to see in your future. Plus it helps me stay motivated when I look at it everyday, I can recognize if I’m on track or not.

Why Do You Need One?

It’s like a daily affirmation board, which allows you to visualize your goals.

How to Create One?

Poster board, Scissors, Magazines, Glue, and Goals

Year One

I want to focus more on me, 2019 is the year to be selfish. So creating my vision board I thought I should break it down in part. 1 year, the middle (miscellaneous), and 5 year goals.

Self Care + Mindset

Self care isn’t always paying $50 for a mani/ pedi or buying the more expensive massage package it could be disconnected from social media for a week (we all need a break sometimes) or even breaking out that face mask that you brought months ago and only brought it because it was featured on Ulta’s Instagram page. side note Ulta always has a $3.50 coupon for purchases over $15 (just thought I’d let you know)

Since before the new year arrived, I’ve been working on how to respond better to people verses reacting (there’s a difference). By being able to respond to people in a healthy way I have to check in with myself emotionally more than usual. I find it that sometimes situations aren’t as bad as they may seem, they just haven’t been properly evaluated.

Focusing on myself and being a better communicate I’m sure I can accomplish the one year goals I have on the board. Most of them are already happening, which is extremely exciting.

  • Meal prep

  • Look my best self ( you never know who you’ll bump into)

  • Apply and obtain new jobs/internships

  • Eat at home (save your cash girl)

  • Keep a set skin care routine ( currently using Lancóme)

  • Fitness routine

  • Stay on top of School, graduation is around the corner

  • Date (focus on your happiest, not what the people may think)

Five year

I know life doesn't go the way we always want it too but I want to be secure in myself. Being confident in the decisions I make being up to par with the skills that have learned in college and the books that I’ve read.

You know back when you were applying for colleges and the guidance counselors would say “Colleges are looking for well rounded students”. I want to be a well rounded person for myself, not for anyone else. Google articles say, it takes 21 days to form a habit. Thats what I plan to do. Make healthy habits

  • Car

  • House

  • Traveled

  • Stable income

  • Engaged or married

  • House

  • Shop for quality

Theses are things that I would like to have ideally, but we all know how life work, plus God works on his own time. So, who knows what life is to bring me in these next couple years. However, I know I want to be my best self.


Become a Healthier You

How healthy do you think you are, rate yourself 1-10. Can you be healthier? We all know diet & exercise is the key element of being healthy. We know we have to drink 8 glasses of water a day and don’t forget about our 8 hours of sleep either. But what else can improve our lifestyle overall?

What’s on your mind?

Sometimes my mind is thinking about a billion things at once, I know I’m not the only one. when I have a lot on my mind or just in my agenda book. Thinking about all the boxes that I need to check off for the week gets overwhelming. The task isn’t hard, but knowing that they need to get done is when it becomes a little overwhelming. Maybe I’m a procrastinator or just lazy. However, I do know when I have a lot on my plate, I am NOT my best self or 100%

  • Take it easy
  • Say “No” to some things
  • Clear your calendar
  • Or even do the task in small increments
  • Know Your Circle 

Pin Me

Know Your Circle

For the most part, I have a few friends that I call on when I’m going through a situation or what I like to call “a mini-crisis” I literally have a friend for each crisis, relationship advice, school, and finances. You may be thinking, girl all your business is in the streets but no not really. I don’t have anything crazy going on that I’d be ashamed if someone found out. Also, you shouldn't tell your business to anyone that you aren’t 100% trust in them. Keep in mind that we all need someone to talk to. Don’t have a negative or unsure feeling bottled up inside. If you have trust issues get a journal.


Know who you are sharing personal experiences with. Be 100% that this is a real friend and that they won’t put your mess in the streets after you guys get in a fight. Also, choose that friend that isn’t going to agree with you. We need to have  straight up friends and not “yes” men or women.

Are you Tired?

Most of us who are in school, spring break was a couple weeks ago. And we are just pushing to see May, while May isn’t quite here yet, maybe you could make downtime for yourself and rest. I don’t mean sleep, sleep and rest have two different meanings. You can go to sleep tonight and still feel tired(not well rested). Plan out some time to pamper yourself and relax alone.

  • Spa Day (Groupon) as low as $30 for a full massage, you can also find Mani/Pedi Groupon too!
  • Binge watch Hulu/Netflix (I’m in love with “This Is Us” currently)
  • Read  (put your phone on airplane mode, it will help)
  • Pray (If praying is your thing, ask God for peace)

It can be hard to get everything done on your to-do list when you aren’t yourself. when I start to feel overwhelmed, I try to figure out why I’m overwhelmed or anxious. Like I want to know now, even when I find out why I’m feeling this way I don’t change. In order to become a healthier person overall, you have to “Makeover your mind before you can makeover yourself.” (The Life Church RVA)





Would you Travel Alone?

Late last week I received an email from HubSpot, a website that teaches people about marketing and how to use their tools to brand yourself. They were having a summit in Washington and I thought to myself, it would be a spontaneous adventure to travel to Washington for the day.


Tuesdays are the days that I go to class, but missing one day won’t hurt. I was excused from 2 out of 3 of my classes. I bought my round-trip tickets from Greyhound $44. Which isn’t bad to me, especially since I’m staying for one day.


My alarm went off at 5:45 am Tuesday morning, I started to get ready for the trip. I packed my purse with all the essentials, (laptop, planner, headphones, and chargers). I actually did a poll on instagram to see which purse my followers would recommend me to buy and I went with this one. It perfectly held all of my things in and didn’t look bulky at all.

With twenty minutes to get to the bus station, there was an accident on the exit I had to take. I had to say a quick prayer because I was so excited to go to D.C and would’ve been so hurt if I missed my opportunity to go.

I made it in time. 

IMG_6593 3.JPG

I arrived in DC 40 minutes early! Had time to explore a bit before I called my uber.  So I stopped by Einstein Bagels. Grabbing a latte and cinnamon bagel, I didn’t see Starbucks until it was time to head back.

When I called my uber I did uber pool instead which I’ve never done before it was $3 so why not, I had time. 


I got to the summit and they had coffee. So I was kind of upset that I spent $7 on breakfast. Nevertheless, The summit went well, I had the opportunity to connect with big companies and some small, sole proprietorships. One thing everyone had in common was uncertainty about their current marketing strategies. That's the only reason why I went, besides the free food and a day trip to D.C.

IMG_6641 2.JPG

Ending the day with a trip to the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery and a stop at Ceviche Mexican restaurant. I barely made it back to my bus on time, dealing with that Uber pool... But I made it to my bus in time and back to Richmond safely.

I have put together a video of how parts of my day went. Hope you enjoy!  

Birthday Tag

Finally 21 and legally able to do everything I've been doing since 16.                                                -Someecard

On February 15th I turned 21. This was probably one of my favorite birthdays so far. I didn't get wasted or do what most people do on their 21st. It was just a good day.  

It was a Thursday and I had class. I wasn’t going to miss those since I got out at 2 pm. I had my usual to-do list, which consisted of shipping things I sold online, and getting ready for the rest of my day. We haven’t gone grocery shopping in a few days and we were out of coffee.. Listen to me, I was barely surviving. Luckily Brewers cafè sent me a promo for a free Latte for my birthday. So I stopped there after shipping my packages off. It was an awesome start to my day. Not only was I able to run errands, I was able to get free coffee and sparked a great convo with the barista. 

Class was great. I didn't walk around yelling “It’s my birthday”. A couple people knew and I was cool with it. It’s not like younger days when I wanted everyone to know what today is. I was able to get out of my last class early since the projector stopped working. That was probably my highlight of the day.  

I wasn’t looking to 'do it big' and get messed up; it's not like I haven’t been a little drunk before. All I wanted was for someone to ask to see my I.D and to “legally” drink in public. 

Which I achieved! My boyfriend and I went to the Graduate Hotel in Richmond for their rooftop happy hour. Let me tell you... I had the best time! It was 73 degrees outside and I was able to show my ankles and not freeze haha. But the view was amazing along with the steak tacos. 

Let’s fast forward to my surprise(Saturday). Jimmy (my boyfriend) decided to invite my friends from Longwood. Sadly, I semi ruined the surprise since Jimmy's phone kept vibrating while keeping it faced down. So you know what I did... I went into full-blown “who’s texting you mode” & “why can’t I see you’re the phone”. You know all that insecure stuff. But all in all, it worked out my friend Taylor drove a whole hour and some change to catch a movie with me that she’s already seen the day before. That’s a friend right there. Btw... Black Panther was AWESOME!!! 

My 21st was a success and I loved every moment of it. 

How I got out of paying full price for any of my Textbooks

Everyone knows that textbook prices are crazy and the Book Store is just a scam. Clearly, the authors of these textbooks know that week need to have the book and there isn't a price ceiling to them, so I see why they charge students an arm and a leg for on the book. Most of the time the professor will swear by the syllabus and preach the importance of needed the book when in all reality, we'll probably open the book at least once all semester.

Wrong Edition?

This semester, I had a plan. Figure out what edition the professor is currently using and for how long. I say this because if they're using addition 15 but was on edition 14 last semester, what could have possibly have changed in 16 weeks. For example, I'm taking microeconomics this semester and we're using the 21 edition, but it's $150... I'm not saying that. So I rented the 20th edition for $20. But catch this the first day of the lecture the professor could even find his new textbook and actually lectured out the $20 textbook. (btw for those who are wondering why not rent the correct version, it was $120 to rent on Amazon)

Social Media

Us millennial breathe social Media. Whether your taste is Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, or even Twitter, you have your platform. Search Hashtags and reach out to people that may have had the course that you're currently taking. I know Facebook has a marketplace for people who are looking to make a quick buck. I know I've sold and purchased a lot of items from the site. I think it's a lot easier since you can type the name of the book you're looking for and if you're lucky you may find it and be able to negotiate their asking price.


Amazon is my go to. I don't even think about checking the bookstore majority of the time. Especially, since they offer the student prime account that's now $5 a month. The price of renting a book from Amazon is probably an 80% difference, nahhhI'm probably overreacting but it's a big difference. When looking on Amazon, I would also advise you to look through the used book page also because you may find out that its a bit cheaper to purchase used. I have a Public Speaking this semester, the book cost over $100 and $40 to rent on Amazon. However, I saw that someone was selling it for about $6, in Chesterfield. Apparently, the book is a school made textbook and Amazon wasn't giving the guy much of a profit from it so It was listed for $6 and on prime. So I saved a crazy amount of money this semester.

 If you have any helpful tips on getting our textbook please list them below. If you found this post helpful, please share, Thank you!

2018 Reading List

These are the books I choose to read over the next couple months, so far I have read "The Wait". The book was not only surrounded around saving yourself for marriage, but the time that you will have created for yourself, when you're not involved yourself in drama or becoming emotionally attached to someone who probably won't become your spouse. It did not say that you had to stay away from dating, it actually encouraged it. However, telling the person your dating that you want to wait to have sex until marriage. Take a look at their reaction, thats how you will know if that's the person that wants you for you. That is what I got out of the book. Meagon and Devon did go into depth about how difficult it was to stay celibate before marriage. But they did it.

















Five Minute Breakfast Ideas


Get your Protein


I don't work out as much as I need to, so I only make protein shakes as a meal replacement. I didn't add too many things to this shake for it to come out great. Which is a great alternative if you don't have much time in the morning. In the shack there is; Blackberries, Banana, One scoop of Herbalife, Spinach, and Milk. It curved my appetite until about 12pm and I work at 9am. 


Add Some Egg

 Grab your bread, get a cup or anything that can make a perfect circle and cut a hole right in the middle of your bread place it on the stove to let it toast up a little. Add an egg and place it in the center.  I've chosen Red Peppers and Presley to add a little flavor. I like my eggs sunny side up, but if you don't I would toast both sides. 


This is the easiest and fastest "meal" to eat before starting your day. Just plop two pieces of bread in the toaster and start getting ready by the time you're finished in the bathroom its time to spread your jelly, I like apple butter better than Jelly. If you're into organic products, stop by Aldi to try out this Apple Butter. I believe it was about $3, at the most.  

Do you want to save $1000 while working part-time

I have created a twelve-month money challenge sheet to help you save at least a $1,000 a year. If you work part-time like me, you probably get paid every two weeks. If you split that monthly savings amount down the middle, then take that half out of each check and put it in a savings account, you're guaranteed to have saved at least a thousand put away. Think of it as your rainy day fund.
Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 11.28.21 AM.png

The Beauty of Waking up Early

I know I’ve briefly mentioned the benefits of getting up early in one of my other blog posts, but I wanted to make a post that’s just dedicated to getting your day started early. Especially before the New Years.


Morning or Night

  Knowing when your most productive is key to choosing your wake up time. I say that because the time that I am most productive is in the morning 9am-12pm. So I wake up around 5:30/6am. After that I’m pretty much doing everything I can not to do the work.


Choose a Practical Time

This is important because you don’t want to train your body getting up and unrealistic timeframe and then going to bed very late, you’re going to be worn out so knowing when your most productive will help you choose this time frame.


The Night Before

Do you remember in middle/high school during the first week of school, we’d have all our clothes picked out for the first week. You know to look nice as possible, but after two weeks we stop doing that. Get back into the habit of getting everything together that night. It will save at least 15 minutes of your morning time routine.I have a small tip for sleeping soundly at night. Invest in an alarm clock and use that in the morning instead of your cell phone this will prevent you from scrolling down Instagram for another hour.


The Morning

After you’ve gotten yourself ready, create a success list. These are your short term goals today. You don’t have to add every little assignment on it. Just make yourself aware that you have a plan for today.

Ex.  Get Gas

        Go to the library

        Contact Advisor

        Make dinner



Comment below some of your tip that you use to get up early.

Must Have Apps (IPhone Edition)

The apps that are most used are of course Instagram (I have to catch up on my gossip), then we have Snapchat and Pinterest. I have a few apps on my phone that assist me with work and school task.


Google drive: I love Google Drive because I can work on a project or a paper on any desktop and pick up where I left off on my phone. I also use it for storage. I don’t know if I’m the only one that has the message saying storage is full with the suggestion to purchase month to month storage, I don’t have time for that.

Google Photos: This app gives me so much life. The Google application automatically stores the phones you take and have taken before the app was downloaded. And get this ?!? It has unlimited storage. Need I say more.

Waze: The GPS that’s automatically downloaded on the iPhone is okay, but Waze allows you to know what’s ahead of you at all times. Sometimes my commute is at 6 am and it’s still pretty dark outside and Waze will show an alert if there is a broke down vehicle on the side of the road or if I’m running late and I’m going over the speed limit just a tad bit, it alerts me if a police are around during that time. Waze is the way to go.

Linkedin: This is a great app to get connected with people in your city or your profession. LinkedIn is a networking app, it allows you to add all the people you know and the people you don’t you can try to add them to have professional conversations regarding a specific job outlook. The site also allows you to upload your resume and apply for jobs right from the app.

MathPapa: if you're still in school and taking any type of math class you need this app. All you do is type in the problem and it gives you the answer along with the way it’s solved. I have used “Mathway” for a long time, but it doesn’t show how to get to the answer without paying for a subscription.

IScanner: This app allows you to take a photo of any document and it will upload as if you scanned it through an actual scanner this comes in handy when you need to sign and send a form right away. This app has saved me tons of money.

Last but not Least

The Cash App: whoever came up with this app is a real genius. The Cash App allows you to send and receive money on the same day. It is totally secure, now you don’t have to worry about western union or going to drop the money off at someone’s bank. I have direct deposit, with that the money will be in my account by the next morning.

Let me know in the comment section what’s your favorite apps to use. 




Tips for a Productive Week

A GYST Day can be any day but I typically start mine on a Sunday just to recap on the prior week and the week that is ahead. If you aren't familiar with the term GYST, it is short for Get your shit together. Starting it on Sunday give me time to figure out what the most important task that I need to tackle, or if I need a break from the crazy schedule. 


Wake up Earlier

 Everyone is not a morning person, I know I wasn't at first. Waking up a little earlier gives you a head start on the day. Okay,  I attempt to get up around 5 am but don't make it out the sheets until 6 am that's still really early for some people.


I am really big on list. If I don't write it down I'd probably forget most of my scheduled plans, that's a problem. After making your list cross of the unnessary plans that may take up to much time.

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 4.30.47 PM.png

Clean Makeup Brushs

I wear makeup probably five times out the week reusing the same brushes. All that build up will cause your face to break out its like when you fall asleep with your make-up on.

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 4.29.55 PM.png


I always say "yeah, I'm going to go to the gym" in my head, but then I'll spend an hour on social media. Actually going to the gym is pretty hard for me. I have to remind myself why I wanted to go to the gym in the first place and that usually gets me up and going. After a workout, I feel energized and never regret going.


Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 4.28.56 PM.png

Clear Emails

If you're like me, you probably check your email about 50 times a day. I know I'm not expecting anyone but I check frequently. So clearing out my email relieves a lot of stress for me because it makes me feel less cluttered and it gives me a reason not to continually check.

Choosing the Perfect Apartment

I’ve recently moved to Manchester, south of Richmond and started working for a leasing company. I wanted to go over the tips and mistakes I made when I was on the hunt for a new apartment.


The Finishes

              Don’t be impressed by all the nice finishes. Just because the finishes look nice doesn’t mean the apartment is nice. Take a deeper look, knock on the walls to see if they are hallowed. If there is an electric glass stove, ask if they scratch easily, if they do, you will be paying for it upon move-out.



           In our latest customer service training, we went over how it takes twelve good experiences to fix one bad one. Make sure the apartment community offers on-site maintenance and they’re leasing office is at the location or accessible.



           This is one of my mistakes I didn’t do any research about the area, only that all utilities were included in the rent. Check out the neighborhood beforehand. Schedule different times of the day to visit the area. When I was looking into the place I’m in now I would go pretty much the same time while my application was being finalized. Mostly everyone was at work so I couldn’t really see what I was working with. Also do research online: high traffic, crime or even sex offenders it should allow you to put in entire address but not an apartment number. Just take proper safety measure since you will reside there for twelve months.


Those are my tips that I learned at work and through my own moving experience. What’s yours? Comment below.