It's Not Too Late to Plan

Is it too late to write about my New Year’s resolution? I’m still not adjusted to the New Year like where did 2018 go anyway? In January, I did a self assessment of myself and where I want to be coming into the new year. So no, I don’t have your basic resolutions like gym eat healthy. well I lied, I want to do better with my fitness goals or what I’m actually eating but, that isn’t my main goal for 2019.

A friend and I hosted a vision board party before the new years, I made a statement on how I wanted to be more intentional with things I do. Whether that’s making a set schedule for the gym or meal prepping, instead of eating out.

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a poster-board with magazine cut outs with quotes and images that you want to see in your future. Plus it helps me stay motivated when I look at it everyday, I can recognize if I’m on track or not.

Why Do You Need One?

It’s like a daily affirmation board, which allows you to visualize your goals.

How to Create One?

Poster board, Scissors, Magazines, Glue, and Goals

Year One

I want to focus more on me, 2019 is the year to be selfish. So creating my vision board I thought I should break it down in part. 1 year, the middle (miscellaneous), and 5 year goals.

Self Care + Mindset

Self care isn’t always paying $50 for a mani/ pedi or buying the more expensive massage package it could be disconnected from social media for a week (we all need a break sometimes) or even breaking out that face mask that you brought months ago and only brought it because it was featured on Ulta’s Instagram page. side note Ulta always has a $3.50 coupon for purchases over $15 (just thought I’d let you know)

Since before the new year arrived, I’ve been working on how to respond better to people verses reacting (there’s a difference). By being able to respond to people in a healthy way I have to check in with myself emotionally more than usual. I find it that sometimes situations aren’t as bad as they may seem, they just haven’t been properly evaluated.

Focusing on myself and being a better communicate I’m sure I can accomplish the one year goals I have on the board. Most of them are already happening, which is extremely exciting.

  • Meal prep

  • Look my best self ( you never know who you’ll bump into)

  • Apply and obtain new jobs/internships

  • Eat at home (save your cash girl)

  • Keep a set skin care routine ( currently using Lancóme)

  • Fitness routine

  • Stay on top of School, graduation is around the corner

  • Date (focus on your happiest, not what the people may think)

Five year

I know life doesn't go the way we always want it too but I want to be secure in myself. Being confident in the decisions I make being up to par with the skills that have learned in college and the books that I’ve read.

You know back when you were applying for colleges and the guidance counselors would say “Colleges are looking for well rounded students”. I want to be a well rounded person for myself, not for anyone else. Google articles say, it takes 21 days to form a habit. Thats what I plan to do. Make healthy habits

  • Car

  • House

  • Traveled

  • Stable income

  • Engaged or married

  • House

  • Shop for quality

Theses are things that I would like to have ideally, but we all know how life work, plus God works on his own time. So, who knows what life is to bring me in these next couple years. However, I know I want to be my best self.