Is this Vegan ?

Meet Suhwheet Rootz, a local company that was founded only 5 months ago by Shanta and her sister, Johnetta Jackson. Both Under age 30, and making a huge impact by creating an all vegan bake shop.


I was able to meet up with Shanta and Johnetta last week. When I asked Shanta about 'Suhwheet Rootz', she responded, that she wanted the name to reflect both the shop and its treats: exceptionally different made 100% naturally.


Shanta and Johnetta, are both still working while running Suhwheet Rootz. Shanta has been a CNA for four years (since high school) but has always worked with plants. Shanta has a passion for plants. Every summer she has a sessional plant internships. Where she works as an assistant teacher for a greenhouse class. Her goal is to go back to school for Horticulture.

As for Johnetta, she is a woman of many skills. She studied at VCU for Anthropology (biomechanics of the body) Applied Science and is now a surgical tech and a personal trainer. 

“How are sales?” “LLC?”

In Johnetta's words, “it wasn't hard to get sales”. They have supportive parents that get the word out for their treats. Social media has been a big help with reaching new and existing clients.Getting their LLC, Shanta explained that obtaining their LLC wasn't hard a process but very long and tedious. Johnetta picked up with “Process is hard when you're not talking to the right people”. Financial services taught them how to become entrepreneurs.


For them, the big picture is to one day own a Neighborhood Black Market with fresh produce; not only a bakery but also Catering to the community's’ basic needs. They both would like to network with local distributors, inevitably creating a holistic wellness place. “Maybe it will be located in the Northside area?” Shanta says. They successfully fund themselves, Past breaking even point.

Johnetta and Shanta were nice enough to let us in on what is to come to Suhwheet Rootz! The will soon offer Sandwich bread, Sunflower bread, Peanut Butter and Ginger Cookies. Johnetta  will be: sticking with preparing the cakes and Cinnamon rolls will added to the menu as well.



Want to try Suhwheet Rootz? Place an order online. Two days of the week wed & sun 1-3pm. There is a first come first serve rule for premade treats for same day delivery(sun/weds). The best way to contact and business number. Only organic products, main ingredients are organic Knowledge of what you are doing is making them different not organic, vegan and fresh ingredients. Nothing sits for over 3 days.

How can you order? Log on to their website choosing from a number of treats, like Blueberry Coconut Lemon Muffins,Chocolate Chip Cookies, Lemon Pound Cake, Carrot cake, and the list goes on. All of their treats are under $20.