Know your Porosity Level

What is Porosity? 

Your hairs' ability to absorb and retain moisture

During the winter months, the cold air can be harsh on natural hair. Especially while wearing scarves and knitted hats. Clothes create unwanted friction and pulling at the ends, which is causes hair to dry or create split ends. My hair tends to be drier in the winter months, and I never understood why I needed to moisturize my hair so frequently. It wasn't until I researched about porosity levels that I found out I have low porosity levels, and it's harder for my hair to soak up and keep in moisture. It is safe for me to keep doing protective styles to hold all the moisture.

Low: Hair does not easily allow moisture in or out.

Medium: Allows moisture in for a decent amount of time.

High: Hair that stays wet for a long period of time due to damage.

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Winters Tips 

  • Invest in a silk beanie to avoid frizzy hair while wearing hats this winter. Its similar to the bonnets or silk scarves that you may wear at night, but the hat has a silk lining on the inside.
  • Deep condition like your life depends on it. 
  • Avoid too many Wash-n-Go's
  • Moisturize and pineapple your hair before bed if it's not in a protective style
  • Invest in silk pillowcases