My First Natural Hair Salon Experience

A couple weeks ago I was on Instagram talking girl about doing a collaboration. I wanted to know more about what she does, I knew she was distributer for "It Works Products" but I wanted to know more. I found out that she did hair not just your typical braids or extensions but she specialized in natural hair. This immediately caught my attention since I have never had my natural hair done. Yeah, I have had weave but never for my actual curls. 

We messaged back and forth for a bit about what she does and I was also browsing her StyleSeat while we chatted. If you are unfamiliar with Style Seat, it is an app/website to find all of your beauty needs. I ended up booking an appointment next day with her since I had an event to go to the next day. This worked out Perfectly.

Ashley was great. She made me super comfortable and was easy to talk to. We talked about my aspirations and what I wanted to do with myself. She gave me great goal setting advice and told me to go for what I want. That is exactly what she did with her hair care business. Ashley is a wonderful hair stylist and I could tell that she was a pretty cool person. I guess we did your typical salon talk. That "Salon Talk" was inspirational, and I know this will not be the last time Ashley touches my curls. 

I went in for a deep conditioning along with flat twist. I don't know why they are so hair for me to do but also it's always nice to get pampered from time to time. I think they came out really good. If you would like to get into contact with Ashely I have linked her StyleSeat along with her  Instagram