Passion for your Thoughts

I started The Twenty Somethings last semester, creating an outlet for me to express my passions. In this short time, I have learned a lot and I have realized that I do not know it all. 


When I launched, I would cringe at the thought of pushing the "published button" or even promoting my pages. Once I posted on social media, I would literally avoid my phone. I didn't want to see who looked at my promotions. Its like I would run from my own work. My blog is supposed to be my baby, it is my baby.

I am now a lot more confident discussing my website with others. I have gotten to the point where I want more for the site; more content, better designs, etc. but I know all that will come with time. I thought if I got help marketing my blog, I wouldn't have a problem with just sitting back and creating content I was wrong about that. However, that is an experience that can wait to be shared another time. I have to come to the conclusion that "Rome wasn't built in a day." 

I have struggled these last couple days with what I am passionate about. I have reached out to my Facebook Group members, completed exercises etc. For me, it easier to point out what I'm not good at, rather than what I am better at. That is why I went on the search for my passion. I can't brand myself if I don't know myself. I knew one thing, I am not a life coach, a fashion designer, or that  I belonged in corporate America.  

After one long convo with a group member, two personality test, and four personality exercises I figured out what I love. Which is creating content through art and business. I always knew I wanted to go into business for myself, but I didn't know what I would sell or what kind of service I would offer. I have always loved seeing others succeed. Which gave me the motivation to go after my dreams.

I say this all to say that I have changed the name(URL) from The Twenty Somethings to Simply Autumn. At first, it was going to be "Simply Radiant" but that was taken. So I  made this decision because I want to have my blog longer than nine more years and I thought it fit me better.