Must have Products for 3C Hair


I don't know about you, but I love when I find products that actually work for my hair. I try to explore and try new things but natural hair products are not cheap. Sometimes, I walk down the shampoo isle and I see non-ethic hair care products on sale for $3-$5 then I think about how if I get a relaxer than I will be able to pay $3 for shampoo. That thought only lasted for a couple seconds though.

I want to give a shout out to the products above, they give me so much life. The Curls BlueBerriy Bliss....OMG! You have to try it, it smells just like blueberries. I have the curling paste and the leave-in conditioner. I actually found this line on Calicurls instagram page, she is major hair GOALS. 

Okay, I know Eco Styling Gel is everyone's go-to. It's mine also. It's like the holy grail. That's why I didn't list it. We know how great it is but have you tried Ms. Jessie's Soft Curls?? I have never used a gel that didn't make my hair crunchy. It smells really good, kind of like baby powder. Maybe it will smell different to you but I've always thought it smelled like some type of baby product.

L.O.C Method or Leave in, Oil, and Cream Method is used to seal the moisture in the hair. Most of the time I buy organic Coconut Oil from the grocery store. I like to switch out my oils from time to time. I brought 4 tubes of oil, Argon and olive oil. The cost was fairly low... about .97 cent a tube. The only thing I don't like about the tube is that they leak if you leave them on their side without the top on them. However, that wouldn't stop me from buying them. Plus they're less than a dollar you can't beat that. 

Well here are my latest obsessions... What are yours?