How I got out of paying full price for any of my Textbooks

Everyone knows that textbook prices are crazy and the Book Store is just a scam. Clearly, the authors of these textbooks know that week need to have the book and there isn't a price ceiling to them, so I see why they charge students an arm and a leg for on the book. Most of the time the professor will swear by the syllabus and preach the importance of needed the book when in all reality, we'll probably open the book at least once all semester.

Wrong Edition?

This semester, I had a plan. Figure out what edition the professor is currently using and for how long. I say this because if they're using addition 15 but was on edition 14 last semester, what could have possibly have changed in 16 weeks. For example, I'm taking microeconomics this semester and we're using the 21 edition, but it's $150... I'm not saying that. So I rented the 20th edition for $20. But catch this the first day of the lecture the professor could even find his new textbook and actually lectured out the $20 textbook. (btw for those who are wondering why not rent the correct version, it was $120 to rent on Amazon)

Social Media

Us millennial breathe social Media. Whether your taste is Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, or even Twitter, you have your platform. Search Hashtags and reach out to people that may have had the course that you're currently taking. I know Facebook has a marketplace for people who are looking to make a quick buck. I know I've sold and purchased a lot of items from the site. I think it's a lot easier since you can type the name of the book you're looking for and if you're lucky you may find it and be able to negotiate their asking price.


Amazon is my go to. I don't even think about checking the bookstore majority of the time. Especially, since they offer the student prime account that's now $5 a month. The price of renting a book from Amazon is probably an 80% difference, nahhhI'm probably overreacting but it's a big difference. When looking on Amazon, I would also advise you to look through the used book page also because you may find out that its a bit cheaper to purchase used. I have a Public Speaking this semester, the book cost over $100 and $40 to rent on Amazon. However, I saw that someone was selling it for about $6, in Chesterfield. Apparently, the book is a school made textbook and Amazon wasn't giving the guy much of a profit from it so It was listed for $6 and on prime. So I saved a crazy amount of money this semester.

 If you have any helpful tips on getting our textbook please list them below. If you found this post helpful, please share, Thank you!