How to Stick to your New Years Resolutions


What do you want to do differently that maybe just didn't go that well last year or maybe its something brand new that you want to try out.


Make your plans visible. Write everything down. Try to invest in a planner and create a short list. When you add a couple task to your list it's easier to get them checked off. This will allow you to feel accomplished. Creating a sense of excitement knowing that you can stick to your New Year plan.

Have a partner

Linking up with someone who shares similar goals will help you complete yours. It's 2x the drive. However, if you can think of anyone who wants to go to the gym twice a day or to join your book club, create a Facebook group page. Someone that attends your school or are just mutual friends may share the same interest with you and you just don't know it yet. 

Set Reminder

Okay, so you've gone strong with sticking to your resolution now you need to create checkpoints for yourself. Whether it is setting reminders every two months or every six months. This would be a healthy habit to check your progress to see what's working and what you could improve on moving forth.


What are some of your New Years Resolutions and what will you do to stick to them, comment below.