Five Minute Breakfast Ideas


Get your Protein


I don't work out as much as I need to, so I only make protein shakes as a meal replacement. I didn't add too many things to this shake for it to come out great. Which is a great alternative if you don't have much time in the morning. In the shack there is; Blackberries, Banana, One scoop of Herbalife, Spinach, and Milk. It curved my appetite until about 12pm and I work at 9am. 


Add Some Egg

 Grab your bread, get a cup or anything that can make a perfect circle and cut a hole right in the middle of your bread place it on the stove to let it toast up a little. Add an egg and place it in the center.  I've chosen Red Peppers and Presley to add a little flavor. I like my eggs sunny side up, but if you don't I would toast both sides. 


This is the easiest and fastest "meal" to eat before starting your day. Just plop two pieces of bread in the toaster and start getting ready by the time you're finished in the bathroom its time to spread your jelly, I like apple butter better than Jelly. If you're into organic products, stop by Aldi to try out this Apple Butter. I believe it was about $3, at the most.