Whats your Status?


We all know that feeling when you first get in a relationship, wanting to spend every waking moment with your partner. All you want to talk about is what he/she is doing or how great they are. Okay, a good two to three months into the relationship, the cupcake phase should be about over and you're back hanging with friends. Basically, you're back to your regular self. Not saying your relationship isn't important and you shouldn't treat it as such, but it isn't new anymore. Learn some boundaries for your relationship.


Spend time by yourself.

Find a Hobby 

Hang out with friends w/o your partner

You don't all the same experience (leave room for conversation)


Be so Dependent

Revert every conversation back to your relationship

Neglect your friends (they've always been there)

Spend ALL your time with your significant other



"Never lose yourself in a relationship. Love your partner fiercely, but always follow your own unique dreams and desires. Be true to YOU."  - MAMA Zara