Trials and Errors of having Natural Hair

 I’ve been natural for since 10th grade, honestly, I didn’t even know what “going natural” meant. I know now that it’s time consuming, annoying, and expensive. However, it has been one of my better decisions. I have made so many mistakes with my hair. At one point I was washing it like every day. Just to see my curls. I didn’t know how to do the wash n go with the eco just yet. So, of course, I dried my hair out and my ends were awful.  The time and patience it takes to do a style the night before and praying that it dries before you have to leave out the door, that’s when it gets real. All in all being natural has taught me to love the hair that grows out of my head. Because not everyone is going to love your hair like you love your hair. It teaches you patience because going natural and being natural is a commitment. Yours committing to somewhat pricey hair products not to mention trying new products. 

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