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When you don’t know what’s coming next, how do you feel? Do you fear uncertainty? Are you filled with anxiety? Or do you have tougher skin than I do and wait whatever it is out?

Lately, I have been feeling anxious about where things are going for me. What's humorous is that I wrote a post recently about what exciting experiences awaits me in 2019, “It’s Not Too Late to Plan”. With that being said, being anxious isn’t always a negative.

When I start having these fuzzy feeling inside, I take a moment to check in with myself. What I figured out is I’m stressing the uncertainty of school, finances, and relationships. You probably read that and thought, “ join the club !” or “who isn't ?”

One thing, that I’m really happy about is that I stuck with reading books more often. Right now, Im into Seth Godin “Tribes”. Something that stuck out to me was “The Peter Principle”. The Google definition is “the principle that members of a hierarchy are promoted until they reach the level at which they are no longer competent.” Basically, sometimes we strive high for things that we can see, but what about the stuff that is unseen/uncertain our determination starts to diminish. We become self conscience, I become self conscience.


I’m majoring in marketing at VCU in Richmond, pretty involved on campus. I have friends, lol. What could possibly be wrong? I live off campus, it’s difficult for me to get back into the groove of school. This is a mindset problem. I caught it early this semester, though you know that feeling at the end of the semester and you’re wishing you’d wish you decided to study earlier. Yeah, thats me almost every semester. Since, “I caught it earlier”, I’ve been staying on campus longer then going straight home. The uncertainty of my actual knowledge of the material is a big deal since, I’m investing a good amount of time, energy, and you know money!


IMG_7449 2.jpg

Did I mention that I’m in school? Full-time too? Working and school, I have always done, but living on my own makes thing even more complicated. (Side-note) This isn’t me complaining, I am truly blessed to be where I am in life and have the things that I own. However, things get tight when your part-time is only offering you less than 10 hours a week. Oh yeah, did I mention I have a pup. This is Chip !

What keeps me going is the experiences/opportunities that my university allows me to have that prepares me for my future. A few things that I have evaluated is that, in the near future I will be getting a roommate and decreasing the use of my vehicle (gas isn’t cheap), meal prepping has saved me so much this semester!



You know that timeline that you have in your head, the one that says I’ll graduate this year, I’ll start my career here this date, and I’ll be married with x amount of kids by this year… Yeah that one, I have started dating again and it has been definitely an interesting but fun experience, so far. I am so grateful for the friends that I have made through college. They are truly my biggest support team. Everyone needs a friend that will allow them to feel their feelings, especially, after a break up. I’m have working on breaking out of my own fantasies of my future and focusing on my reality. Learning to live in the moment is important.

I found this video on Youtube about rejection, those three parts that I mentioned above School, Finances, and Relationships has given me the feeling of rejection. After writing all of this, I have realized what I’m feeling is fear. From “Tribes” by Seth Godin, he wrote “when you do a great job, you get promoted. And that process repeats itself until finally you end up in a job you can’t handle.”

“Every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something better.”

Steve Maraboli,Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

It's Not Too Late to Plan

Is it too late to write about my New Year’s resolution? I’m still not adjusted to the New Year like where did 2018 go anyway? In January, I did a self assessment of myself and where I want to be coming into the new year. So no, I don’t have your basic resolutions like gym eat healthy. well I lied, I want to do better with my fitness goals or what I’m actually eating but, that isn’t my main goal for 2019.

A friend and I hosted a vision board party before the new years, I made a statement on how I wanted to be more intentional with things I do. Whether that’s making a set schedule for the gym or meal prepping, instead of eating out.

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a poster-board with magazine cut outs with quotes and images that you want to see in your future. Plus it helps me stay motivated when I look at it everyday, I can recognize if I’m on track or not.

Why Do You Need One?

It’s like a daily affirmation board, which allows you to visualize your goals.

How to Create One?

Poster board, Scissors, Magazines, Glue, and Goals

Year One

I want to focus more on me, 2019 is the year to be selfish. So creating my vision board I thought I should break it down in part. 1 year, the middle (miscellaneous), and 5 year goals.

Self Care + Mindset

Self care isn’t always paying $50 for a mani/ pedi or buying the more expensive massage package it could be disconnected from social media for a week (we all need a break sometimes) or even breaking out that face mask that you brought months ago and only brought it because it was featured on Ulta’s Instagram page. side note Ulta always has a $3.50 coupon for purchases over $15 (just thought I’d let you know)

Since before the new year arrived, I’ve been working on how to respond better to people verses reacting (there’s a difference). By being able to respond to people in a healthy way I have to check in with myself emotionally more than usual. I find it that sometimes situations aren’t as bad as they may seem, they just haven’t been properly evaluated.

Focusing on myself and being a better communicate I’m sure I can accomplish the one year goals I have on the board. Most of them are already happening, which is extremely exciting.

  • Meal prep

  • Look my best self ( you never know who you’ll bump into)

  • Apply and obtain new jobs/internships

  • Eat at home (save your cash girl)

  • Keep a set skin care routine ( currently using Lancóme)

  • Fitness routine

  • Stay on top of School, graduation is around the corner

  • Date (focus on your happiest, not what the people may think)

Five year

I know life doesn't go the way we always want it too but I want to be secure in myself. Being confident in the decisions I make being up to par with the skills that have learned in college and the books that I’ve read.

You know back when you were applying for colleges and the guidance counselors would say “Colleges are looking for well rounded students”. I want to be a well rounded person for myself, not for anyone else. Google articles say, it takes 21 days to form a habit. Thats what I plan to do. Make healthy habits

  • Car

  • House

  • Traveled

  • Stable income

  • Engaged or married

  • House

  • Shop for quality

Theses are things that I would like to have ideally, but we all know how life work, plus God works on his own time. So, who knows what life is to bring me in these next couple years. However, I know I want to be my best self.


New Generation Matte


My favorite thing about being apart of the Influenster Family is that I have the opportunity to be selected for certain campaigns. These campaigns allow you to work directly with brands to try out full-size complimentary products. Send me a dm on Instagram or an email to learn more about how to receive free product. 

Get that Matte Finish


My skin type is pretty oily, so I try my best to stay away from any products that will result in me looking like a grease monkey by the end of the day. Right now, I am totally hooked on Makeup Forevers foundation, New Generation Matte. 

This is a full coverage foundation, leaves my skin flawless. What I really love about this product is if I am in a rush, I can put on foundation only, and still look like I am rocking a natural face. 


IMG_2238 2.jpg

Bounce Back with Aussie

This is a sponsored post by Aussie Summer Curls Rescue. All opinions are 100% my own. Click on links to the product.

What I love 

Okay.. Aussie sent me a huge box of their curly hair collection and I was pretty surprised. Most of their products were pretty good and fairly cheap (all under $10). Highlighting the products that completely surprised me, however, you should still check out what Aussie has to offer.

IMG_2161 2.jpg

 Leave-In Detangling Milk: If you want a great Wash-in-Go, try their leave in. This was actually one of the first things I ran out of first. Sidenote... I dont believe in the whole dime-sized amount, haha. The bottle is a pretty decent size and it smells great.   

 3 Minute Deep Conditioner: Usually, when I use a product that is meant for deep conditioning, I'm used to detangling my hair up and throwing a shower cap on for about 30 mins. Am I the only one? So, I was a little skeptical of this 3-minute process. TBH it does work in the 3 minutes. The deep conditioner has an amazing slip and leaves my hair soft and shiny. I am guilty of leaving it in for longer than 3 minutes even though, I know it works. 


IMG_2183 2.jpg

For the most part, all shampoos and conditions work pretty much the same in my hair Aussie's still left my curls in the best shape/ form. However, it was only one product that I could not get down with (in my 2000's voice).

Curl Pudding: I will say ALL hair is different. Something that may work for me, might not be the best for you. My experience with the curl Pudding left my hair crunchy. Plus I wasn't Crazy for the scent. 


Thank you for reading, again this is a sponsored post brought to you by Aussie Summer Curls Rescue. Please remember to share, we are growing! Like/comment if you'd like me to review a specific product for you. 


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One of my Better Twist-Outs

As seen  at the footer of my page, I only create content for products that I genuinely like or that I think are worth a shot. I say that to say Beija Flor Naturals is amazing "whew chile I'm in love" with my results, haha. The only other product that I have had similar results are "Curls Blueberry Bliss Twist and Shout". Buttt we aren't talking about them right now we're talking about Beija Flor Naturals, who gave me a crown of shiny bouncy voluminous curls. Am I exaggerating? (insert thinking emoji here) Well, you are the judge of that watch below. 

Pin Me Please

Pin Me Please

So what did you think? Didn't they turn out pretty good? I hope you enjoy content like this. By clicking on either of the images it will reroute you to @BeijaFlorNaturals Instagram page. Where you can shop a variety of their amazing products. Use SUMMERAUTUMN for 15% off any purchase!

I am so happy with the way that Simply Autumn has grown and the way that it continues to prosper. I love to see you guys comment and share my content, it really means a lot to me. I will start to send out emails everytime new content is posted(subscribe at the bottom if you haven't) and be sure you look out for Instagram post regarding Simply Autumn. Thank you <3 

I Didn't Mean to Buy All This !

My name is Kyrsten and I am addicted to shopping... and the crowd goes "heyyy Kyrsten!". I went to Bath & Body Works to buy about four things that I saw online the night before. Let me tell yall, I had a blast in that store. I was probably the only customer in there at the time. So, everywhere I walked an employee would ask "Do you need help" or "I see you like fruity fragrances, you should get this". Let's just say that their customer service was A1.  So I put together a little haul for you guys, push play! 

As of today, the sale is still going on. I will link a few of the products that are seen in the haul. Hope you enjoy! Let me know if you'd like to see more video/blog post in the comment section below.

That Summer Glow

Recently, I have searched for a body shimmer that was similar to the Rihanna body glow I knew that I didn't want to spend over $60 for a body shimmer right now. So I searched Instagram to try out some new products. Look at the gems!


Want that summer glow? Try out either of the two body shimmers. Both Under $40
IMG_8724 2.jpg

Shipping Details:

G.IRL ships every tuesday, very fast shipping great communication !

Celestial Beauty took a minute to ship. However, communication was amazing. I was told that they hand make all of their products so that's the reaason why it took a minute to get to me. When I say a minute. hmm .. a little over a week so still not bad !




Click on the photo or the hyperlink to check out Celestial Beauty


Click here photo or link to shop G.IRL_CO


Find them on Instagram



Become a Healthier You

How healthy do you think you are, rate yourself 1-10. Can you be healthier? We all know diet & exercise is the key element of being healthy. We know we have to drink 8 glasses of water a day and don’t forget about our 8 hours of sleep either. But what else can improve our lifestyle overall?

What’s on your mind?

Sometimes my mind is thinking about a billion things at once, I know I’m not the only one. when I have a lot on my mind or just in my agenda book. Thinking about all the boxes that I need to check off for the week gets overwhelming. The task isn’t hard, but knowing that they need to get done is when it becomes a little overwhelming. Maybe I’m a procrastinator or just lazy. However, I do know when I have a lot on my plate, I am NOT my best self or 100%

  • Take it easy
  • Say “No” to some things
  • Clear your calendar
  • Or even do the task in small increments
  • Know Your Circle 

Pin Me

Know Your Circle

For the most part, I have a few friends that I call on when I’m going through a situation or what I like to call “a mini-crisis” I literally have a friend for each crisis, relationship advice, school, and finances. You may be thinking, girl all your business is in the streets but no not really. I don’t have anything crazy going on that I’d be ashamed if someone found out. Also, you shouldn't tell your business to anyone that you aren’t 100% trust in them. Keep in mind that we all need someone to talk to. Don’t have a negative or unsure feeling bottled up inside. If you have trust issues get a journal.


Know who you are sharing personal experiences with. Be 100% that this is a real friend and that they won’t put your mess in the streets after you guys get in a fight. Also, choose that friend that isn’t going to agree with you. We need to have  straight up friends and not “yes” men or women.

Are you Tired?

Most of us who are in school, spring break was a couple weeks ago. And we are just pushing to see May, while May isn’t quite here yet, maybe you could make downtime for yourself and rest. I don’t mean sleep, sleep and rest have two different meanings. You can go to sleep tonight and still feel tired(not well rested). Plan out some time to pamper yourself and relax alone.

  • Spa Day (Groupon) as low as $30 for a full massage, you can also find Mani/Pedi Groupon too!
  • Binge watch Hulu/Netflix (I’m in love with “This Is Us” currently)
  • Read  (put your phone on airplane mode, it will help)
  • Pray (If praying is your thing, ask God for peace)

It can be hard to get everything done on your to-do list when you aren’t yourself. when I start to feel overwhelmed, I try to figure out why I’m overwhelmed or anxious. Like I want to know now, even when I find out why I’m feeling this way I don’t change. In order to become a healthier person overall, you have to “Makeover your mind before you can makeover yourself.” (The Life Church RVA)





Here's what I've Learned So Far

Creating my blog last December was a lot of work. When I say work I mean I researched other blogs I sat in a few online webinars, and also joined a few Facebook Groups. Creating a blog is relatively easy but getting the views is where the fun starts. There is so much great content out there.Trying to find out how my work stands out from others is what I had to learn in the last five months.

Finding My Domain

I didn't know what my niche was or where I wanted to head. I knew I had a journal full of ideas, but I didn't know what direction to go towards. So, when I created my first domain "The Twenty Somethings", I thought that it was a pretty general URL. I'm in my twenty's, I'm doing stuff in my twenties, so why not call it The Twenty Somethings. I didn't think twice about it when I finally found a name. I thought it was the perfect name until I bumped into a friend. He told me he saw my post and gave me some tips on how to better promote my work. This is probably month 2 into blogging. He asked about my URL. "Why The Twenty Somethings?" and you know I had to give him the whole rant on why I choose that. And he replied, "So you only want your blog for 10 more years?". Let me tell yall I was shook because I knew I wanted it way longer than 10 years. So here I am Five months later with Simply Autumn, Autumn is my middle name btw.


What is a Niche?

I searched "how to be a successful blogger" on Pinterest. Pinterest had unlimited information and so I kind of picked the pin that had the prettiest graphics. For the most part, the blogs I read mainly talked about finding a niche. I didn't really understand what that was. The only niche I could remember was the one I learned about in 11th-grade science class. I took a look at my brainstorming journal and saw that I had beauty, how-to's, reviews, and questions about blogging. So, my niche is Beauty, Lifestyle, and Blogging tips. Even though I haven't been blogging, I have learned so much where I wish I knew five months ago. So, the girl/boy who wants to start their own I'm pretty much in a position to share some insight.

Promoting & Traffic

I haven't had much writer's block yet, this month I've prewritten five blog posts. I knew that I wouldn't have been able to write, this has been a hectic month. I mainly focused on gaining foot real traffic to my blog. First, I had to figure out which one of my platforms gave me the most engagement. I experimented with my followers. If you're wondering which platform it is, its Instagram & Facebook. Figuring out who gave me the most return is important because it gives me an idea of how much time I need to spend on creating my Instagram Post and what hashtags I will use. As far as Instagram, I usually update my status with the link and write a blurb on what the post will be about. Friend and family, then like the link and share. I got a lot of exposure that way. I also promote by sending me links to my friends through text. They are my biggest cheerleaders. As of today, I have 41 subscribers that mean I have gained 8.2 followers each month in a five-month time frame. To be Five month's in I think I'm doing great!


Would you Travel Alone?

Late last week I received an email from HubSpot, a website that teaches people about marketing and how to use their tools to brand yourself. They were having a summit in Washington and I thought to myself, it would be a spontaneous adventure to travel to Washington for the day.


Tuesdays are the days that I go to class, but missing one day won’t hurt. I was excused from 2 out of 3 of my classes. I bought my round-trip tickets from Greyhound $44. Which isn’t bad to me, especially since I’m staying for one day.


My alarm went off at 5:45 am Tuesday morning, I started to get ready for the trip. I packed my purse with all the essentials, (laptop, planner, headphones, and chargers). I actually did a poll on instagram to see which purse my followers would recommend me to buy and I went with this one. It perfectly held all of my things in and didn’t look bulky at all.

With twenty minutes to get to the bus station, there was an accident on the exit I had to take. I had to say a quick prayer because I was so excited to go to D.C and would’ve been so hurt if I missed my opportunity to go.

I made it in time. 

IMG_6593 3.JPG

I arrived in DC 40 minutes early! Had time to explore a bit before I called my uber.  So I stopped by Einstein Bagels. Grabbing a latte and cinnamon bagel, I didn’t see Starbucks until it was time to head back.

When I called my uber I did uber pool instead which I’ve never done before it was $3 so why not, I had time. 


I got to the summit and they had coffee. So I was kind of upset that I spent $7 on breakfast. Nevertheless, The summit went well, I had the opportunity to connect with big companies and some small, sole proprietorships. One thing everyone had in common was uncertainty about their current marketing strategies. That's the only reason why I went, besides the free food and a day trip to D.C.

IMG_6641 2.JPG

Ending the day with a trip to the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery and a stop at Ceviche Mexican restaurant. I barely made it back to my bus on time, dealing with that Uber pool... But I made it to my bus in time and back to Richmond safely.

I have put together a video of how parts of my day went. Hope you enjoy!  

What's Your Signature Scent

This page may contain affiliate links. I will only recommend products and services that I love and trust

My weeks are pretty hectic. If I'm not in class I'm getting ready for work, especially since the semester has started to pick up and it's almost the busy season for us leasing consultants. I usually don't pay a lot of attention to what I wear to work or class anymore unless I have a meeting or I'm catching up with a friend after class, or heading to Brewers Cafè after my day is finished (i can't be a bum everywhere I go). 

One thing I do take seriously is my personal hygiene. Although throughout the week I may dress "bummy" the number one factor of when I leave the house is how I smell. I have to smell nice before leaving. Even after a shower, or after I put lotion on, I have to put some kind of perfume on. I don’t have a signature scent or a favorite perfume. Usually, before I leave I just pick up the first bottle I see.  I give myself three sprays and run out the door.


A few days ago I received a package from Gem Scents. She sent me three of her fragrances of hers: Urban Jewel, Cocos Sol, and Signature. In the package, I also received a few crystals. I don’t really know much about crystals, but I was so happy to have received them too, maybe I’ll have to do a little research.


Urban Jewel has an earthly fresh scent. I wore this scent first. To me, certain scents are worn for certain occasions. I would wear Urban Jewel on a "chill day". This is a scent that you want if you want to smell good without being overbearing.  


Cocos Sol was actually my favorite scent. I try to keep perfume in my bag when I'm on the go and I think Cocos Sol will be my go-to for a while. It has a tropical scent. If you like the smell of coconut, you would like Cocos Sol!


Signature, I couldn't figure out what Signature smelled like, but I knew I liked it. I wore it to work this past Sunday and I had a few residents ask me what I was wearing, so I knew it wasn't just me. I wanted to look up what nodes were highlighted in Signature. As stated on Gem Scents Aromatics website, Signature has nodes of "vanilla wood musk, amber, and sandalwood". I would have never guessed, but after reading her description I had an 'aha' moment. 

If you want to find out more about Spirit Corley Gem Scents Aromatics, head over to her website https://gemscents.comSince this isn't a perfume, but a body oil, it will prevent skin from drying. Gem Scents Aromatics are long lasting after apply to arms and neck I didn't have to reapply throughout the day.By the way, this is also a black-owned business.



Must have Products for 3C Hair


I don't know about you, but I love when I find products that actually work for my hair. I try to explore and try new things but natural hair products are not cheap. Sometimes, I walk down the shampoo isle and I see non-ethic hair care products on sale for $3-$5 then I think about how if I get a relaxer than I will be able to pay $3 for shampoo. That thought only lasted for a couple seconds though.

I want to give a shout out to the products above, they give me so much life. The Curls BlueBerriy Bliss....OMG! You have to try it, it smells just like blueberries. I have the curling paste and the leave-in conditioner. I actually found this line on Calicurls instagram page, she is major hair GOALS. 

Okay, I know Eco Styling Gel is everyone's go-to. It's mine also. It's like the holy grail. That's why I didn't list it. We know how great it is but have you tried Ms. Jessie's Soft Curls?? I have never used a gel that didn't make my hair crunchy. It smells really good, kind of like baby powder. Maybe it will smell different to you but I've always thought it smelled like some type of baby product.

L.O.C Method or Leave in, Oil, and Cream Method is used to seal the moisture in the hair. Most of the time I buy organic Coconut Oil from the grocery store. I like to switch out my oils from time to time. I brought 4 tubes of oil, Argon and olive oil. The cost was fairly low... about .97 cent a tube. The only thing I don't like about the tube is that they leak if you leave them on their side without the top on them. However, that wouldn't stop me from buying them. Plus they're less than a dollar you can't beat that. 

Well here are my latest obsessions... What are yours? 


February Favorites

February has come to an end and I would like to shine a little light on my favorite items. Most of the products that are listed below I got for my birthday. Even though that was in the middle of the month, they were still able to make it to the top of the list. If you are interested in any of these products, I have attached the Amazon pictures & links to each item.


I've been using the Gratiae Organic Beauty By Nature Exfoliating Body Scrub for the majority of this month. I havent ran out yet so, this exfoliating srub will defiently last me through the next month. I have the Apple scent, but to me it doesn't really smell like apples. It smells really good, like a fresh floral smell without being too overwhelming. 


A friend of mine brought me an adult coloring book called Patterns for Peace. It is a Christian based coloring book, inclluding short versus and small devotionals on each page. I wasnt able to find the exact book on Amazon but I did find something similar.


The Premier Dead Sea Luxury Moisture Cream for Multi-Use corelated with the Gratiae Organic Beauty Body Scrub. The lotion has sea salt mineral that softens the skin. I mainly used this for my hands throughout out the day. I did not leave my hands feeling sticky or oily. It also Contains aloe vera, jojoba oil, and essential oils to name a few componets. 


Mud Soap Mineral by Premier: I was secpital when I used this for the first time since I tend to use African Black Soap. I have not tried this soap on my face since I am not a fan of fragent soaps on my face. However, the scent of this bar was fresh. It did not have a floral or fruity smell. Since most of the products that I have listed already has some kind of mineral component to it, they all work together to create a smooth and moisturized you. 


The Business Boutique by Ramsey Press, helps you figure out what your talents are while creating a step-by-step plan in growth strategies. This is probably my favorite self help book. After each chapter it has exercises to complete, like whats your vision, mission satement and goals. I would highly recoomend this book to anyone who has the slightest thought about going into business. 


Night at the Graduate

When I get up in the mornings I tend to jump on Instagram. Jimmy doesn't really think it's healthy, he says my brain is going to turn into mush. He was pretty happy I hopped on IG Tuesday morning because I entered us into a giveaway for a free dinner & wine tasting at The Graduate. And guess what?! We won! you might've figured that from the title but, hey I had to give you guys a storyline.

The Hour Before

I came home from work, hair still in the flat twist and started a convo with Jimmy. Mind you I did not take my twist down or have my makeup on. Long story short, when I looked at the time I had 45 mins to get ready. That may seem like a lot of time for some, but for me... its a struggle. I set a timer to leave at 5:45 pm, we had to be there by 6 pm. Funny thing about that, I was still putting my clothes on at 6:50. I did my makeup in the car and still had two twists to take down. You can imagine how stressed I looked. 

The Arrival 

We took our seats with this older couple. I immediately thought "what could we possibly talk about". However,  they were awesome! The husband had all the dad jokes, he made me feel comfortable when I didn't know which utensil to use with each dish. Or when the lady introduced each wine, he said just smile and nod. I think I'm a pro at that. They asked us about what we did and school. The wife what our dream careers would be if we had the choice. It made me wonder what exactly did I want to do, I'll save that topic for another time, though. 


The night's theme was: Battle of the Brothers Wine Dinner. The objective for us was to choose which wine, each made by a different brother (Benziger & Imagery), was better. I thought that I was more of a red wine person, but then again, I didn't know much about wines at all. I know my goal was to buy the cheapest one possible, btw Aldi has pretty tasty bottles for $3. I need to vote for my favorite it turned out to be Imagery Chardonnay. I wasn't as sweet as I usually prefer, but it was so good. I considered purchasing a bottle, but of course, it wasn't for sale yet. 

This was a great experience that I was able to have, I dont think this will be my last time visiting The Graduate. I also want to thank @unlockingrva for picking us for the giveaway. 

Which Mask is Better?

Back in December, I received two different facial masks for Christmas. I've been eyeing both of them for a while, but it always takes me a minute to actually buy stuff I really want, which is weird. I want to give you guys a review of what I thought of the Dead Sea Mud Mask and the Shea Moisture Clarifying Mud Mask. When I got them I thought I had to of the same items and that they both do the same thing, but I was wrong.

Dead Sea Mud Mask

I didn't have to put a lot on my face to get full coverage. Plus it didn't take long to dry. When it dried, it didn't give my skin that hard, crunchy feeling I  dislike. It kind of hurts once it gets too hard. After I washed all the product off, my skin felt really smooth. Do you know that feeling when you just washed your hands with the sea salt "soap"? Well yeah, that feeling. Like all the dead skin on your face has been removed. Hence the name of the product. 

Shea Moisture Clarifying Mud Mask

I don't know if I am spoiled by the Dead Sea Mask but the Shea Moisture just did not work for me. I had to put on so many coats of the product. Plus, the time it took to dry felt like forever. I have pretty oily skin and when I took it off it made my face feel like I was drowning. I'm pretty sure the product was made to have some type of moisturizing support. I guess this just wasn't for me. To be honest, I would still use the product if this was the last face mask in the house.

If you click on either one of the pictures it will lead you to the item on Amazon. The Shea Moisture Clarifying Mud Mask wasn't all that bad, it just wasn't for me. If you are really interested in trying out one of these masks, I would definitely recommend the Dead Sea Mud Mask. 

Birthday Tag

Finally 21 and legally able to do everything I've been doing since 16.                                                -Someecard

On February 15th I turned 21. This was probably one of my favorite birthdays so far. I didn't get wasted or do what most people do on their 21st. It was just a good day.  

It was a Thursday and I had class. I wasn’t going to miss those since I got out at 2 pm. I had my usual to-do list, which consisted of shipping things I sold online, and getting ready for the rest of my day. We haven’t gone grocery shopping in a few days and we were out of coffee.. Listen to me, I was barely surviving. Luckily Brewers cafè sent me a promo for a free Latte for my birthday. So I stopped there after shipping my packages off. It was an awesome start to my day. Not only was I able to run errands, I was able to get free coffee and sparked a great convo with the barista. 

Class was great. I didn't walk around yelling “It’s my birthday”. A couple people knew and I was cool with it. It’s not like younger days when I wanted everyone to know what today is. I was able to get out of my last class early since the projector stopped working. That was probably my highlight of the day.  

I wasn’t looking to 'do it big' and get messed up; it's not like I haven’t been a little drunk before. All I wanted was for someone to ask to see my I.D and to “legally” drink in public. 

Which I achieved! My boyfriend and I went to the Graduate Hotel in Richmond for their rooftop happy hour. Let me tell you... I had the best time! It was 73 degrees outside and I was able to show my ankles and not freeze haha. But the view was amazing along with the steak tacos. 

Let’s fast forward to my surprise(Saturday). Jimmy (my boyfriend) decided to invite my friends from Longwood. Sadly, I semi ruined the surprise since Jimmy's phone kept vibrating while keeping it faced down. So you know what I did... I went into full-blown “who’s texting you mode” & “why can’t I see you’re the phone”. You know all that insecure stuff. But all in all, it worked out my friend Taylor drove a whole hour and some change to catch a movie with me that she’s already seen the day before. That’s a friend right there. Btw... Black Panther was AWESOME!!! 

My 21st was a success and I loved every moment of it. 

Know your Porosity Level

What is Porosity? 

Your hairs' ability to absorb and retain moisture

During the winter months, the cold air can be harsh on natural hair. Especially while wearing scarves and knitted hats. Clothes create unwanted friction and pulling at the ends, which is causes hair to dry or create split ends. My hair tends to be drier in the winter months, and I never understood why I needed to moisturize my hair so frequently. It wasn't until I researched about porosity levels that I found out I have low porosity levels, and it's harder for my hair to soak up and keep in moisture. It is safe for me to keep doing protective styles to hold all the moisture.

Low: Hair does not easily allow moisture in or out.

Medium: Allows moisture in for a decent amount of time.

High: Hair that stays wet for a long period of time due to damage.

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 1.23.06 PM.png

Winters Tips 

  • Invest in a silk beanie to avoid frizzy hair while wearing hats this winter. Its similar to the bonnets or silk scarves that you may wear at night, but the hat has a silk lining on the inside.
  • Deep condition like your life depends on it. 
  • Avoid too many Wash-n-Go's
  • Moisturize and pineapple your hair before bed if it's not in a protective style
  • Invest in silk pillowcases



Loving the Curls

Texture discrimination is giving an unjust treatment towards women with a tight curl pattern.Since Team Natural isn't just a hashtag anymore and hardly anyone is getting relaxers anymore, there is a lot of talk about “good hair” and “bad hair”. Let’s just say you have two women wearing the same hairstyle… let's go with a wash n go. Same style different texture, 4c, and 3b. In most cases, the women with the 3b hair pattern will be uplifted while the 4c women wouldn’t get the same treatment. I can only speak from what I’VE SEEN.

When I first went natural my hair texture was so different from what is now. It was a lot tighter and I honestly didn't know what I was doing. I would straighten it, causing all types of heat damage. Til one day I thought maybe my natural hair isn't so bad. I wore it out in an up-down little do and my friend wore hers’ in the same style(who is biracial). A guy in my class looked at me and said why are you trying to be like her. I was appalled because I wasn’t. I thought I was trying to embrace my hair, my curls, and myself.

 There is no such thing as a bad hair texture only bad hair when it isn’t properly taken care of. We have stopped embracing the European standard of beauty, but have found another way to divide each other. Nothing is wrong with using weave, braids, or wigs as a protective style, but you shouldn’t be used to shield you from your own beauty.

 Over the years I have learned to love my natural hair, yes my pattern has become looser and a lot more manageable, but that wasn't the reason why I shifted my mindset. There is a guy at my job that told me that he’s glad that his children do not have hair like me. In the past, I would have sunken down in my shell. I just came to the realization this is me and who gives a shit what anyone else thinks. 

I am not my hair

I am not this skin

I am not your expectations 

I am not my hair

I am not this skin

I am a soul that lives within         

                                                                          - India.Arie