Why I started to blog..

My First Blog

I've always wanted to have my own blog. I actually started one back when I graduated high school... But my reasoning behind creating that site wasn't right, I say that to say I basically wanted to talk shit about the guy I was half way dating and the people that weren't that great to me. I used it as an outlet. Kinda like an online diary. I quickly learned that that wasn't the outlet for that kind of drama.

Where I was before this Blog

I never lost interest in creating a blog, but I didn't know what I wanted to post about. I knew I didn't want to vent about everything that is wrong with life, but to post things that I actually enjoy, stuff that I'm into, just wanted to post positive moment.


I love Pinterest. I can spend hours on it Pinterest was my motivation to start writing again. Focusing on a positive lifestyle and creating memories to share with you guys. I created this blog to discuss lifestyle tips/tricks that I’ve learned and still learning throughout my 20’s. I want you guys on this journey with me figuring this adulting thing out.